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VS1 clarity grade is one of the top diamond clarity grades. VS1 diamond has very small flaws that can barely be spotted, unless using a magnifying loupe. VS1 diamonds are ideal choice for shoppers whom care most about the clarity of the diamond among the 4 C’s. You can look  for a diamond with  higher clarity grades, but aiming above  is not practical, unless you are a collector or have a high budget.

Clarity Definition

Clarity measures how free a diamond from flaws is. The fewer flaws a diamond has, the higher its clarity grade will be. The most commonly known chart to determine diamond clarity is the GIA’s, which has 11 clarity grades ranging from FL (flawless) to I3 (commercially-included).

Diamond clarity chart


VS1 diamond Clarity Definition

VS1 clarity means that the diamond has very small flaws that can hardly be seen even with the use of a 10x magnifying loupe. Simply put, the diamond’s flaws are invisible to the naked eye.

 Actual Diamond Photos from JamesAllen

VS1 Diamond Advantages

VS1 diamond is the right choice, particularly if your top priority is clarity, and if your budget will allow it. VS1 diamonds are expensive in comparison to diamonds with lower clarity grades. The VS1 diamonds main claim to fame, so to speak, is that it appears flawless even to a very keen eye.

VS1 diamond clarity


VS1 Clarity According to Different Gemological Labs

There are few gemological labs that certify diamonds. Some examples are the AGS, GIA, EGL, and IGI. Not all laboratories grade diamond clarity in the same manner and according to the same metrics.

GIA and AGS certifications are generally the most accurate and consistent. Other laboratories may give a diamond a higher clarity grade than what the AGS or the GIA would give.

Choosing a diamond with a GIA or AGS certificate ensures that you get the diamond that you’re paying for.


VS1 Clarity Diamonds: Pricing

For obvious reasons, VS1 clarity diamonds are more expensive than diamonds with lower quality grades; however, the price also depends on other factors such as the size, color, and cut of the diamond.


How to Buy the Right VS1 Clarity Diamond

If you decided to buy your diamond from a store or an online shop, make sure that you get one with a gemological certificate, preferably from GIA.

When buying from a store, ask to see the diamond up close, using a loupe or a microscope if possible, in order to make sure that the inclusions are very small, which is how they are supposed to be.

If shopping online, make sure that you view a real picture of the diamond you wish to buy. A reputable website should offer true pictures, with a magnification of at least 20x up to 40x.

Being able to view a magnified picture of the diamond will enable you to feel more at ease with your choice of a VS1 clarity diamond.

James Allen provides real 40X pictures of each diamond they offer for sale. They also provide a very useful tool: A virtual magnifying loupe that enables you to scan the diamond even closer.


Actual Diamond Photos from JamesAllen

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